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Lighthouse Cli

Lighthouse is a powerful command line interface tool designed to facilitate the interaction with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the SEI blockchain. It allows users to update and deploy NFT collections easily.

Cli Features

  • Deploy NFT collections with optional royalties
  • Update NFT collections
  • Freeze/Unfreeze trading of NFT collections
  • Reveal metadata of NFT collections
  • View NFT collections
  • Mint NFTs
  • Generate Merkle root for allowlists
  • Generate Merkle proof for a wallet
  • Upload metadata and image files to upload to arweave

Lighthouse Mint UI

Lighthouse mint ui is a launch pad for launching NFT collections created by Lighthouse cli.

Mint UI Features

  • Launch your first NFT collection
  • Set up whitelist phase
  • Set up whitelisted groups
  • Mint NFTs
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Set up RPC